12. 20. 22
6 p.m. LA time (9 p.m. NY)

Light up your
inner fire

Light a fire


Have you ever felt that you could be doing so much more than what you doing now ?


Do you feel like you were created for some greater purpose ?


Have you ever felt that you could be doing so much more than what you doing now?

The Winter Solstice day

in 2022 will be December 20, 6 p.m. LA time (9 p.m. NY), which symbolizes the transition to spring, the birth of everything new. On this day, the Universe helps people to start all over again, opening the doors to change, assisting those who are moving forward.

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and light the fire within yourself

    We will manifest a successful
    future for the upcoming
    year of 2023!

    After our gathering you will:

    determine the level of the hidden innate power and learn how to use it in daily life
    learn the main secret to material welfare from ancient traditions
    form part of a sacred ritual: we will do a sound healing meditation with singing bowls. With their frequencies, we will strengthen the collective energy. Your own energy will be raised, something which is unattainable outside of a group meditation

    Together, we will travel through the
    spiral of life as we learn and grow. Join us!

    It will be a truly magical webinar
    with many surprises and gifts.

    Hello, my dear friend!
    Let's meet!
    - I am an I international trainer. I'm well known in 9 different countries.
    - I am a woman and a Priestess in a temple.
    - I am the founder of the Temple School.
    - I am the author of the popular course on self-development "The Power of 12 Constellations—in you".
    - I am the leader of several charity movements.
    - I am the author of techniques that helped over 50.000 women realize their dreams.

    Dear one, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy upcoming year. From the depths of my soul, I wish for all of your dreams to come true. I wish you happiness, and warmth, to you and your close ones!

    With Love, Madonna

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